Prologue 2: Finish your fraggin’ tapioca pudding

Originally published 2020-03-09 as a Patreon-only backstory episode.

It’s Friday, January 5th, 2080. The team had a meeting with EVO’s head of security, Raine Davis. Negotiations between the UCAS and EVO are wrapping up, and Chuck Garrow, Vice President of Acquisitions for the United Canadian and American States is being sent to a five-star hotel to sign the treaty. EVO has some fairly reliable intel that both Ares Macrotechnology and the Shiawase Corporation would like to see the treaty signing ceremony not happen quite as planned. The Burning Edge crew has decided to go check out the meeting room ahead of time to get the lay of the land. After valeting their car “Steve”, they enter the Ritz-Carlton’s lobby.


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