Episode 1.16: I’m not drunk enough for this

The truck jacking didn’t go exactly according to plan. While the team did manage to acquire the case they were supposed to recover, as well as two other cases with unknown contents, they also took more lethal measures than they intended to take creating an orphan in the process. Hiding their tracks seemed like a good idea, but setting off an explosion in the back of the truck triggered something in Jean-Baptiste, resulting in another chase. While everyone did survive, they also got split up. The rest of the team made their way back to Someplace Nice to discuss what the frag just happened, while Jean-Baptiste kept his eye on the prize to get his car fixed up, completely ignoring the refrigerated cases. The camera now focuses on the front door of Someplace Nice as Jean-Baptiste enters.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 1.15: Bringing a child into this world is an act of cruelty

After successfully jacking the truck they were supposed to hit and unsuccessfully getting away from the scene of the crime without getting into a homicidal tussle with the rest of the team, Jean-Baptiste finds himself on his own. Surely nothing bad can happen to a lonely Cajun technomancer wandering around the streets of St. Louis looking for automotive repair supplies, can it? We now rejoin Jean-Baptiste in a car that has seen better days, having crashed into a brick wall and hitting a poor innocent woman, mother of two.


Episode 1.14: Resting angry face

It’s still Friday, January 12th. Despite more or less successfully completing the run they were hired to do, tensions still got the best of the team. Mistakes were made, shots were fired, innocent bystanders were hit, and then backed over. You know, a standard day in the sixth world. They did manage to get the case they were supposed to retrieve as well as a couple of medical transport units. Catherine, Deuce, and Thumper are headed to Someplace Nice for a post-mortem, and some well-earned whiskey, milk, or … carrot juice? Jean-Baptiste is temporarily on his own, and on the run, in a car that’s seen better days. We now join Micah, who is doing her best to blend in with the crowd, undoubtedly feeling a bit dirty having to hang out with commoners.

All music by Deuce.

Episode X.01: Cat and Jean-Baptiste talk about parental love

A Patreon-only backstory episode, released into the wild for Mother’s Day.

A special Mother’s Day episode of Burning Edge. Jean-Baptiste’s mother is no longer with us. Catherine’s particular upbringing meant she had no mother. Jean-Baptiste tries to explain parental love.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 1.13: What is all of your malfunctions?

It’s Friday, January 12th, 2080. The day has finally arrived, and a Drakon International truck carrying some precious cargo was supposed to move across the city. The team had mapped out potential routes and set up a plan for stopping the truck with minimal collateral damage, but their carefully laid plans for hijacking the truck went completely off the rails when they realized it was an ancient throwback without any sort of matrix presence for Jean-Baptiste to hack. A few sniper rifle rounds later, and Catherine stopped both the truck and the driver’s heart while giving Peggy Pigtails a serious need for lifelong therapy. A quick search of the truck’s trailer found the briefcase they were looking for. They also found some refrigerated cases marked with biohazard signs, which is totally not ominous. We join most of the team as they flee the scene of the crime, with Deuce and Cat on a motorcycle, while Thumper holds on for dear life as Jean-Baptiste redlines the Americar. Micah, hands clean as always, sticks around to see what happens in the aftermath of the carnage.

All music by Deuce.