Episode 1.13: What is all of your malfunctions?

It’s Friday, January 12th, 2080. The day has finally arrived, and a Drakon International truck carrying some precious cargo was supposed to move across the city. The team had mapped out potential routes and set up a plan for stopping the truck with minimal collateral damage, but their carefully laid plans for hijacking the truck went completely off the rails when they realized it was an ancient throwback without any sort of matrix presence for Jean-Baptiste to hack. A few sniper rifle rounds later, and Catherine stopped both the truck and the driver’s heart while giving Peggy Pigtails a serious need for lifelong therapy. A quick search of the truck’s trailer found the briefcase they were looking for. They also found some refrigerated cases marked with biohazard signs, which is totally not ominous. We join most of the team as they flee the scene of the crime, with Deuce and Cat on a motorcycle, while Thumper holds on for dear life as Jean-Baptiste redlines the Americar. Micah, hands clean as always, sticks around to see what happens in the aftermath of the carnage.

All music by Deuce.

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