Episode 1.24: Season two

A short announcement about the remainder of season one, as well as upcoming season two!

Burning Edge Theme by Deuce.

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Episode 1.23: State of the pod

Burning Edge Theme Song by Deuce.

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Burning Edge Interview on Out of Character

We’re still trying to record to get the second season ready to go, but sometimes life gets in the way. During one of our sessions neither Omni or Tempest could make a session. Jupiter jumped at the opportunity to get some content recorded for Out of Character (part of the Without a Net podcast media empire). Deuce, Jean-Baptiste, and Cassandra put aside the characters they play for a bit to talk out of character with Jupiter.

They chat about a bunch of topics: character motivation, playing a RPG for release as a podcast versus just playing with friends, and their favorite moments during season one.

Patreon Tier Updates

I wanted to let y’all know that we’ve changed up our Patreon tiers, reducing them down to two levels and getting rid of some of the upper-tier benefits that no one was interested in. We’ve gotten rid of the Early Access and Raw feeds entirely. Our two tiers are now:

Chatty Chummer ($1 per month)

  • Patreon-only Discord access – Your SIN will gain you access to channels with more stringent SIN checks, so you can rest assured that you can interact with the cast without having to be around the SINless.
  • Voting Privileges – As someone with a valid SIN, you’re afforded the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, which includes voting. You’ll be allowed to vote for the titles of upcoming episodes!

Reliable Fixer ($3 per month)

  • Thanks – A heartfelt in-character thank you in the podcast.
  • Exclusive content – Your SIN’s access will be upgraded to allow access to exclusive behind-the-scenes episodes including what happened before the main story began, in-character chat, flashbacks, and extended downtime.
  • And everything in the Chatty Chummer tier.

Interviewed on The Geek Swarm

The Geek Swarm just published an interview they did with us a few weeks ago. I’m not sure Bernie was ready for our particular style of bumper car interview, but I think it went pretty well. We delve into how our podcast came to be, along with some character backstory.

Check out their podcast, it’s available pretty much anywhere you can find podcasts.

Launch Day Approaching!

We’re super excited to let you know that we’ve scheduled the first few episodes! Our podcast will officially launch February 10th, 2020. Both our first regular episode and our first Patreon-exclusive backstory episode are set to show up in your podcast feeds at 5AM central just in time to make Monday morning commutes slightly more enjoyable. Sorry early-rising east coast chummers!

To make sure that we were actually ready to launch, the second and third episodes are also already done editing and scheduled to go out, ensuring that you’ll have Burning Edge every week for at least the month of February. Similarly, the second and third Patreon-only monthly releases of backstory material have also been scheduled for the second week in March and April.

So go ahead and get subscribed on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or our direct feed!

RSS as far as the eye can see

If a podcast drops in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make any noise? No idea, chummer. But when our podcast drops, you can be sure that the noise made will fill your ears with sweet, sweet audio shenanigans by subscribing on whatever podcast service is your favorite:

One Step Closer

Through no fault of the GM, we’ve managed to keep recording, and even managed to have a surprise for the cast here and there. We’ve recorded twelve sessions so far, some of which may be released as multiple episodes, depending on the length after editing.

We’re super excited to have y’all hear the story we’re building and can’t wait for our February release!

Session Zero Complete

The cast has figured out their team’s back story! It only took two recording sessions, three fist fights, twelve shots of Hurlg, two running gun battles, seven burned points of edge, and a downed VTOL. The downed VTOL was totally not our fault and had nothing to do with the amount of Hurlg consumed, we swear.

Now the GM has to figure out some fun and interesting ways to make the character’s lives “interesting” and for the players to finish writing up their character sheets. We’ll be posting partial character sheets here at some point so you can get some idea of the mechanical descriptions of the characters. You’ll have to listen to the podcast for more detailed back story and character descriptions.