Patreon Tier Updates

I wanted to let y’all know that we’ve changed up our Patreon tiers, reducing them down to two levels and getting rid of some of the upper-tier benefits that no one was interested in. We’ve gotten rid of the Early Access and Raw feeds entirely. Our two tiers are now:

Chatty Chummer ($1 per month)

  • Patreon-only Discord access – Your SIN will gain you access to channels with more stringent SIN checks, so you can rest assured that you can interact with the cast without having to be around the SINless.
  • Voting Privileges – As someone with a valid SIN, you’re afforded the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, which includes voting. You’ll be allowed to vote for the titles of upcoming episodes!

Reliable Fixer ($3 per month)

  • Thanks – A heartfelt in-character thank you in the podcast.
  • Exclusive content – Your SIN’s access will be upgraded to allow access to exclusive behind-the-scenes episodes including what happened before the main story began, in-character chat, flashbacks, and extended downtime.
  • And everything in the Chatty Chummer tier.

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