Episode 1.12: She’s gonna kill you some day, I’m not going to stop it

Finally, the team has started to actually act on their plan. After arguing a bit about their so-called living arrangements, they did some recon on Drakon International’s trucking. Through no fault of Jean-Baptiste, they didn’t get into any broad-daylight street races and got some valuable intel about response times and the like. It’s Wednesday, January 10th, 2080, two days away from when they need to hijack a truck.


Episode 1.11: It is not always about food with me

The team took a bit of a break and started planning how they might be able to take the truck down with the least amount of damage, though what they wanted to keep safe varied greatly. It’s Tuesday, January 9th, and we join them in their ill-gotten apartments as they start to do some legwork for their upcoming heist.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 1.10: What an awfully specific denial

After a successful search for new transportation, and despite Jean-Baptiste’s drug-fueled trouble with reality, the team has gotten back together in some bloody cheap apartments. With the bottom tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy taken care of for now, surely they’ll start working on finding a bit of safety and security in their lives.

All music by Deuce.

Episode 1.09: Have you never done novacoke before?

While waiting for the appointed time to hijack a truck for Slide, the team split up. Catherine and Micah went apartment shopping and found a cozy one bed, one bath place and through some … aggressive negotiations convinced the current owner he’d be happier sleeping in the shower while they used the remainder of the apartment. The rest of the team went uhh… let’s say car shopping and procured a single-owner late-model low-mileage Ford Americar with an attached mobility scooter. We now rejoin Thumper, Deuce, and suddenly and inexplicably coked-up Jean-Baptiste in their freshly stolen car as they head to the apartment.

All music by Deuce.