Episode 1.21: The house always wins

Slide is looking to ruin a local mayoral candidate that has been making his organization’s life hell as a local crime fighter, and tasked our team to plant incriminating evidence on her to make that happen. The target, Jeanine Magliano, is holding a campaign event on one of St. Louis’s iconic riverboat casinos. The team has infiltrated the riverboat, got a device planted to potentially mess with the electrical system, covertly transferred the datachip from one member of the team to another, and yeah, did a little bit of drinkin’ and gamblin’. We now rejoin Micah, who’s doing astral overwatch over the riverboat.

Our eagle-eared listeners might notice a continuity error. Feel free to bring it up in the Discord, and let Omni know you’re disappointed in him.


Episode 1.20: Perfectly natural for me to be completely nude

It’s still Monday, January 15th 2080. We continue the casino job to plant data on local political candidate Jeanine Magliano. The team has split up into three groups. Deuce and Catherine posed as employees and entered through the employee entrance. Jean-Baptiste and Thumper appear as a happy couple there for the drinkin’, the gamblin’, and the hobnobbin’ with the elite. Micah’s on astral overwatch and is probably a pack of cigarettes into her evening at this point.