Burning Edge Interview on Out of Character

We’re still trying to record to get the second season ready to go, but sometimes life gets in the way. During one of our sessions neither Omni or Tempest could make a session. Jupiter jumped at the opportunity to get some content recorded for Out of Character (part of the Without a Net podcast media empire). Deuce, Jean-Baptiste, and Cassandra put aside the characters they play for a bit to talk out of character with Jupiter.

They chat about a bunch of topics: character motivation, playing a RPG for release as a podcast versus just playing with friends, and their favorite moments during season one.

Interviewed on The Geek Swarm

The Geek Swarm just published an interview they did with us a few weeks ago. I’m not sure Bernie was ready for our particular style of bumper car interview, but I think it went pretty well. We delve into how our podcast came to be, along with some character backstory.

Check out their podcast, it’s available pretty much anywhere you can find podcasts.