Episode 1.14: Resting angry face

It’s still Friday, January 12th. Despite more or less successfully completing the run they were hired to do, tensions still got the best of the team. Mistakes were made, shots were fired, innocent bystanders were hit, and then backed over. You know, a standard day in the sixth world. They did manage to get the case they were supposed to retrieve as well as a couple of medical transport units. Catherine, Deuce, and Thumper are headed to Someplace Nice for a post-mortem, and some well-earned whiskey, milk, or … carrot juice? Jean-Baptiste is temporarily on his own, and on the run, in a car that’s seen better days. We now join Micah, who is doing her best to blend in with the crowd, undoubtedly feeling a bit dirty having to hang out with commoners.

All music by Deuce.

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