Prologue 3: That sounds like a good way to get slapped

Originally published as a Patreon-only episode on 2020-04-13.

Previously, on Burning Edge. It’s still Friday, January 5th, 2080. The team started their recon job at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Conference Center. Cat left a bag of what she claims are clothes in the meeting room while she and Cassandra checked out the tactical situation. Chatting with the friendly neighborhood bartender Micah found out about some disturbances there recently, but matrix security and pudding made further research in that area untenable for Jean-Baptiste. They’ve decided to split up to talk to some management at the hotel. Jean-Baptiste and Micah will try to track down Darrin Summers, the head of security, while Cat and Cassandra have a chat with Vincent Santos, the head of housekeeping.


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