Prologue 1: Of course I will tap into the cameras while I’m in the buffet line

As part of winding down the Burning Edge podcast, here’s the first backstory recording.

This episode starts with a corporate security team getting a briefing about an assignment they’ll need to take on. Jean-Baptiste, Catherine, and Micah have been on this team for several years now, acting as the security squad for Chuck Garrow, a Vice President at EVO. At some point in the distant past, the team had an assignment go sideways, and several team members were killed in action. That is a story we may tell at some point in the future, but the specifics are not important at this point. Re-staffing their Special Security Detail has been difficult, mainly because working with Mr. Garrow is exceptionally difficult. They were able to replace one of their fallen teammates with Cassandra Miller, a human weapons specialist.


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